I wonder if you know how I see you. To me, you compare to a field of roses against the sunset. Soaking in the light with grace. Your pink complexion and vibrant optimism flood my mind and drive me insane. When you hold me in your arms I feel like I’m floating. To me, you’re my sun, stars, and sky. My only hope is to have a chance to be beautiful in your eyes.

Back when royalty ruled the lands it was said that pink was only for the royals. I fully believe that, because you’re nothing but royalty to me. A simple peasant, like myself, has fallen for the ruler of all. Your natural strength rivals that of celestials and your spirit outshines the sun.

I was a fool to reject my admiration for you. Only a fool would reject being held by royalty of heaven itself. I still remember the time on the beach. You said that I was perfect to you, that I was beautiful in your eyes. I never forgot that, and I never will. I tried to act like I didn’t care, for my own sake. So then when you moved on, it didn’t hurt. But it’ll hurt regardless, whether I said it or not. So now I stand before you, lovestruck. I only ask of you is, to be honest.

From yours truly, Arsenal

Atlas stared at the letter in awe, flustered thoughts flooded his mind. He grabbed the slip of paper and sprinted outside to find his husband. There he was, tinkering with one of the oil pumps. He slid to a stop holding the letter in his hand. “I found this in your old study. I didn’t know you were a poet?”

Arsenal looked up at his husband, “It’s just an old love letter, I was gonna give it to you before we left for the city. But I thought it’d be better if I told you in person.”

“I didn’t know you wrote.”

“I don’t, that took me 3 all-nighters to try to get the wording right.” He tilted his hat to overshadow his face. “I just wanted it to be special for you.”

“Well, it is very special to me. Regardless if it’s a bit late.” Atlas placed a peck on Arsenal’s cheek.

The cowboy flushed and guided his husband’s head to his shoulder.

About this piece
this was a late night writing session and was just meant to exist